13 MOONS art
in progress

a visual narrative that challenges societal taboos and encourages reflection

I use embroidery as a tool to develop new knowledge skill sets, particularly in relation to feminine experiences that as a society, we need to transcend. The embroidery is the path to communicate and reflect on topics like nature and self-awareness, social issues related to sexism, motherhood, feminine roles, ancestral knowledge, and social and gender inequities amongst other topics.

The embroidery on the stain is a symbol that elucidates the power of introspection and communication, whereas a needle penetrates inside the drum and extracts a thread of color that shapes a meaning. Embroidery is an activity that easily brings the mind to the present moment, and is also associated with circles of speech where critical topics can be discussed.

These two components enabled my personal physical healing as a miracle from my doctor’s perspective. Neuroscientist research demonstrates that this type of healing is not necessarily a miracle, this is a human potential available through art, amongst other activities.

Having my art exhibited allows me to continue 13 Moons embroidery, share the process with the community, open dialogues / embroidery sessions to enable expression and brainstorming, and more importantly, to enable healing to occur in very deep ways.

completed works

13 moons

We are collecting menstrual blood stains from women all over the world. JOIN OUR CO-HEALING MOVEMENT. 13 Moons is an “Art in progress” collection of embroidered menstrual blood stains and reflections on healing that enables the community to participate in the creative and introspective process of being present through art, and potentially healing. You can collect and scan your blood stains, so they can be re-printed and displayed in the performance. During the stain recollection you are invited to go into introspection and allow your body to express through the stain. You can submit raw stains, embroidered stains, and written reflections that will be part of this co-healing art performance.