Disrupt Social Codes And Deeper Cultural Aspects In Relation To Menstruation

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13 moons art

inviting you to collaborate in making a co-Healing arts performance 

13 Moons is an “Art in progress” collection of embroidered menstrual blood stains and reflections on healing that enables the community to participate in the creative and introspective process of being present through art, and potentially healing.  You can collect and scan your blood stains, so they can be re-printed and displayed in the performance. During the stain recollection you are invited to go in introspection and allow your body to express through the stain. You can submit raw stains, embroidered stains, and written reflections that will be part of this co-healing art performance. Follow the steps below to participate.


be part of 13 Moons

We are collecting menstrual blood stains from woman around the world





Place the cloth 16x20 cm. / 6.2x7.8” diagonally on the interior side of the panty. Two opposite ends of the cloth are folded and pasted with masking tape on the posterior side of the panty. If you wish to share previous stains you collected years back with other methods, these are very appreciated. 




Sit comfortably allowing the introspection process and once you feel the stain is ready, carefully remove the cloth from the panty and let it dry. 




Once the stain/s is/are dry, iron on a flat surface covering the blood print with another cloth, and stain indirectly. Scan the unwrinkled cloth (300dpi).




Fill in this form, Uploading your image/s and reflection/s. You're welcome to email us a video or audio sharing your experience. 




If you wish to participate and do not have a Google account, just send an email with your images to Once we receive your images, we will send you the rest of the information.

What if I don't have a Google account?

Yes, just make sure it's on a white background and ironed so the image can be processed and reprinted as close to the real shape as possible. 

Can I collect stains with a different method? 

Your name will appear in the art exhibition, only if you desire. There is a question on the form that asks if you want to have your name displayed, if you select “no”, your name will not be displayed.

If I participate will my name appear anywhere?

There will be more exhibitions in the future, this is a collective art movement, so you can keep uploading as many stains as you wish with no time limit.

Is there a time limit? 

Each form allows you to upload up to 10 files. If you wish to upload more you can use the form as many times you need to.

How many stains can I upload?

You can reflect on the content and only fill the form with the written part. If you wish to add an artistic exploration of what you would imagine the stain to be like, please share it. 

What if I don't have a period?