Resignifying Taboos through art and creative exploration

Co-Healing Arts

As a designer I SOLVE PROBLEMS.

By having a gigantic mass in my uterus, I found a huge problem. The medical recommendation was an immediate hysterectomy, but this was avoided after three months of inner reflection and art creation. The way I solved this problem is important because it is a way we can solve problems of injustice, disconnection from our body, each other and Mother Earth.



We strive to create materials, objects, spaces, and experiences that foster guidance, education, facilitation, and support within a healthy and secure environment. Through profound experiences of connection with femininity, the body, nature, nourishment, thoughts, and emotions, our aim is to restore inner connection, enhance vital energy within the body, heal emotions, and contribute to the collective recovery of health.


My research and interests now focus on Transition Design, a transdisciplinary approach that addresses 21st-century social problems—including social polarization and inequity, among others—and how they manifest in culture-specific ways. Transition Design argues that new knowledge and skill sets are required to address these types of problems, and the design solutions are strategies for igniting positive, system-level change and societal transitions towards equitability and a desirable long-term future.

I am using embroidery as a tool to develop new knowledge skill-sets, particularly in relation to feminine experiences that as a society, we need to transcend.

13 Moons Art Collection is a living art exploration to discuss female elements and to empower women by encouraging them to open tabooed dialogue to enhance their relationships with their bodies and nature. While 13 moons lives, it generates a co-creative space where the process is shared with the community, as well as open dialogues / embroidery sessions to enable expression and brainstorming, and, more importantly, to enable healing to occur in very deep ways.

mission & VISION

To foster a society that embraces evolution as a unified and harmonious humanity, where we thrive and realize our potential while honoring our differences. Together, we co-create in unity and balance; respecting, knowing, and nurturing our bodies and our connection with nature. We aspire to establish a society where health and healing are attainable through alternative paths that transcend traditional medicine. We redefine illness and challenges as teachers and opportunities for personal growth. Here, healing and evolution occurs through art, disruption, introspection, and community; supported by a combination of various sciences and ancestral knowledge including both expression and rituals. 


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To generate a disruptive and beautiful context where individuals feel comfortable and open to communicate the “un-talkable” and resignify taboos thorough art and creative exploration. To highlight, heal and resignify uterus related “un-talkable” aspects. We aspire to enable the community to participate in a creative and introspective process of being present through art, and potentially healing. This interaction allows participants to become aware of the power of creative exploration for healing and evolution. 

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Watch the Raleigh Art Space summer residency recordings HERE.

Stay tuned as we are preparing the next exhibition in the Watauga Council of Arts, in Boone, April 2024.

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